Image of Geometric Playing Cards

Geometric Playing Cards


Our deck of geometric playing cards takes the typical playing card format and, through a process of randomization, turns it into something completely original.

Featuring all 52 traditional cards and two jokers, the size and position of the shapes on each card was determined by the roll of a six-sided dice. This was then combined with a simple hand-drawn rendering technique and a completely custom alphabet to create a truly unique deck of cards that’s still fully playable.

The manufacturing process was initially funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. While that campaign has ended, we're making the deck of cards available permanently through the Streeting Design store. You can order one deck of cards for $15, or you can upgrade to the special edition version, which includes two decks and a 28-page digest-sized magazine detailing the design process, for a total of $25.

Image of Geometric Playing Cards Image of Geometric Playing Cards Image of Geometric Playing Cards