Work In and Out of Context

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Image of Work In and Out of Context

Work In and Out of Context is an extensive retrospective book, containing 350 pages of illustrations, design fragments, posters and essays, created over a ten-year period, beginning around 2003. The bulk of the work contained in the book comes from projects I developed while recording music and running Square Root Records, then working towards my MFA at Cranbrook Academy of Art, and finally while running the 22 gallery in Berwyn for a year and a half.

The book isolates elements of this work from their initial contexts and places them into a new one, that of the book itself. Everything within the book is represented in black and white, flattening it into a cohesive body of work. In doing so, it tries to locate over-arching themes and motifs from a disparate variety of projects, both through visual representation and through extensive essays.

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