Modular22 Documentation


Image of Modular22 Documentation

In the summer and fall of 2012, Jessica Calek and I organized Modular22, the largest and most ambitious of the exhibits staged at the 22 studio in Berwyn. The project involved work from over one hundred artists, designers, and architects from around the globe. With Modular22, we wanted to create a large-scale installation that would bring the display infrastructure of a gallery to the foreground. In this way, we could approach the normally hidden infrastructure as being just as important as the artwork it’s used to display. This gave us the chance to move artwork off of the traditional contextless “white cube” walls of a gallery and onto an architectural form that was equal parts sculptural installation, meeting place, and monument.

As part of the project, we published a 350-page book documenting the work, featuring hundreds of photographs, design samples, and extensive essays.

Ships with a postcard and other assorted goodies.